Top Ways Businesses Trick Workers Into Harsh Working Conditions

Corporate Brainwashing

Corporations pulled a whammy on ordinary folks. 

They Tricked Us

They created a toxic work culture and then gaslighted everyone into thinking their practices were normal.  

Corporate Brainwashing

Here are the top messed up things companies tricked us into believing are normal.  

Taboo Salary Talk

Companies are the only ones who benefit from the idea that salary discussions are taboo 

You Owe Me

Have you ever worked for a mom-and-pop that expected you to be grateful to them for giving you a job?  

Top Priority

We need to work to survive, but companies somehow morphed the reality into a culture where work is celebrated above all else.  

Request Time Off

Paid vacations are part of a compensation package, so employees should be free to use them whenever they like without asking permission 

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Swipe up for more Ways Companies Tricked Society!