The Best Ideas for Your Travel Journal

A travel journal helps you remember the best parts of a trip 

It’s a keepsake allowing you to reflect upon your musings and recall the thoughts, feelings, and ideas pulsating through your mind during your adventures. 

Not sure what to journal about while traveling? Here are some ideas to help you get started!

Start journaling before you set foot out of the door. Write down what you hope to gain from the experience. 

Pre-Trip Journaling

If you’re a visual person, consider getting a blank-page journal rather than a lined journal and dedicate your travel journal to sketches.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Words

Schedule mindfulness breaks into your itinerary so you have time for journaling.

Give Yourself Time

Humanity was blessed with five distinct senses, so use them to describe your travels. .

Use Your Senses

Travel is one of the world’s greatest teachers. Use your journal to write down what you've learned on your journey.

What Did You Learn?