Combating Twitch Hate Raids

Twitch Hate Raids are becoming all too common. Here's what you can do about it

What are hate raids?

Hate raids target minority and LGBTQ streamers, filling their chats with hateful and harmful rhetoric 

How to Combat

Hate Raids

Streamers need to protect themselves

-Only accept chats from verified accounts -have sub-only or emote-only chat on standby - Ban known hate bots and accounts - Enable automod -Use Commander Root

How Viewers Can help

-Report bad actors - Be a witness - Boycott hateful streamers - Stop giving Twitch Money - Donate directly to the streamer instead

What is Twitch Doing?

Not enough. Twitch  claims they can't share what they are doing because haters will find work arounds

Hitting Twitch in the Pocket is the best way to 

Make twitch take Hate Raids Seriously

Thanks for Helping Keep Twitch Safe.

Since Twitch can't do much, it's up to users and streamers to do what they can to keep the platform safe.