Twitch Overlays Can Make or Break Your Stream 

Twitch Branding

Having recognizable branding is probably one of the more critical things to consider when starting your streaming career.

Twitch Overlays

Your Twitch overlay is essential to your branding. It's a visual that helps represent your aesthetic and your channel.  Here's how to find the best Twitch overlays

Streaming Websites

Popular streaming websites like Streamlabs and Steam elements offer overlays for download

Free versus Paid

Most websites have free overlays, but they are very general. These free versions are ideal for streamers just starting out. As you grow your brand, you will want to get a custom overlay


Many streamers turn to freelance sites such as Fiver and Etsy to hire graphic designers to make overlays. Make sure you know what you want before you decide to buy. 

Make Your Own

If you have a little bit of graphic design skills, you can make your own overlays. Websites like Canva make it easy to make any image you want, even without a lot of graphic design software knowledge

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Swipe up for more on Twitch Overlays