Why You Should Visit Aspen in the Shoulder Season

Skiers flock to Aspen’s pristine snow-covered mountains in the winter, while outdoorsmen make the charming resort town a basecamp for their summer exploits in the Rocky Mountains.  

The shoulder seasons offer opportunities for those who want to enjoy all Aspen offers without massive crowds or price tags. 

Aspen has three main seasons: the busy tourist season, the shoulder season, and the off-season, each occurring twice yearly. 

Aspen’s Three Tourism Season

The shoulder seasons occur from late May through mid-June in the spring, then after Labor Day through mid-October in the fall.

When is the Shoulder Season

Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) confirmed that hotels are much less expensive during off-and-shoulder seasons.

Lower Prices

Most stores and attractions remain open. Tourists can browse the trendy galleries, bookstores, and eclectic consignment shops.

What's Open?

Many fine dining establishments remain open for business during the off-and-shoulder seasons, allowing visitors to experience the exquisite cuisine without long waits or reservations.

Fine Dining