Visiting Trier, Germany's Oldest City

Germany’s oldest city is a quaint little town near the border of Luxemburg, Trier. It is the site of an ancient Roman encampment.

Despite this history, Trier is not a popular tourist destination for foreign travelers, and the city doesn’t cater to international tourism the way many of the larger, more popular cities would. 

Trier is located in the Rhineland state of Germany. It’s very near the Western border, and in fact, the closest major airport is in another country, Luxemburg.

Where is Trier?

We drove to Trier on the autobahn (rental cars for the win!) for our first visit, and I flew to Trier via Luxemburg on my second visit.

Getting to Trier

Trier is Germany’s oldest city because it’s the location of an ancient Roman encampment.

Why is Trier Considered Germany’s Oldest City?

The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and highlight the most important sites of the city.

Get a Great Overview with a Walking Tour

After the walking tour, we decided to check out some of the Roman Ruins.

Wandering Through the Roman Ruins