Visiting Laufen Castle and Rhine Falls

The main reason my friend Jamie wanted to visit Zurich during her birthday trip was to explore Laufen Castle and Rhine Falls.

Laufen Castle, or Schloss Laufen, is a mediaeval period castle located upon the magnificent Rhine Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Europe.

The entrance fee to tour the castle and get a close up view of Rhine Falls  is 5 francs. The coffee shop located on site is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Laufen castle has a great deal of history, however, it is not well presented. The self-guided castle tour reminded me of a creepy, out dated fun house.

The one good thing about the castle is that there were some placards placed around the rooms explaining the real history of the castle, but they didn’t do enough to take away the fun house vibe.

Although the castle was a bit of a disappointment, the 5 franc fee was well worth paying just to get up close and personal with Rhine Falls.

Towards the bottom, there is also a platform that goes out over the river a little bit, so you can almost look at the waterfall head on. This also happens to be a great location for a photo-op!