Want to Make Money as a Chat Moderator? Check out this Start Up!

As the internet becomes a bigger and more complex place, its chat rooms have also created a demand for moderators to filter out inappropriate comments or behavior 

Although this work is increasingly important as more individuals monetize their online presence, most of these moderators are still volunteers 

Sprise is a startup that seeks to change that. They've created Pally.gg, a program that helps creators share tips. Here's how it works

Text.me was the first product, and it lets fans pay creator to get texts from them. It wasn't the ideal solution

Launching Sprise

Text.me didn't provide a way for streamers to pay mods, which was a key thing the creators wanted to accomplish. So they created Pally

Paying Mods

Pally is a stand-alone product that Twitch streamers can link to in their live streaming chats so viewers can donate tips. Streamers can then split the tips between themselves and their mods, such as giving each mod 10% of the tips


The start up worked with streamers such as JanuaryAndO to test the product

Testing Pally

Sprise is only available for early access. The start up is choosing streamers who share their commitment to improving the Twitch community.

Early Access