Weird Gen Z Trends We’ll Never Understand

Partners in Fire

Recording  Suspect Behavior

Gen Zers record everything for posterity, and upload even suspicious videos to their favorite social media platforms.  

Mental illnesses are severe medical conditions, but some from Gen Z seem to think they’re “cute” or “quirky.” 

Romanticising Mental Illness

Gen Z loves their labels. Everyone needs a unique identifier. 

All the Labels

Gen Zs are “Posting videos where they’re just making faces with some text while a song plays that usually has nothing to do with the text."

Reaction Videos

Zoomer boys love the “Meet me at Mcdonald’s” haircut, a popular style that looks like a broccoli flower atop the head.  

the Broccoli Cut

Dreams of Internet Fame

80s kids wanted to be rock stars, and 90s kids wanted to be movie stars. Zoomers wish for internet fame.  

Medium Brush Stroke

Sell Outs

Gen Xers were anti-corporation and anti-establishment, and can’t fathom why the Zoomers all want to sell out.  

Older folks hate Tik Tok... Why are Zoomers obsessed with it? 

Tik Tok


Older generations use vaping to quit smoking, but Gen Zers see the new technology as a safer way to develop a bad habit.  

Zoomers have a point about many social issues but take their ideas too far with an overly moralistic approach and harsh, judgmental attitudes.  

Moral Superiority

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