Weird Phobias Real People Actually Suffer From

Phobias can be debilitating. Some people are so afraid of encountering their fear that they lock themselves at home 

To raise empathy for those who experience weird phobias, we’re raising awareness of some of the odd things that haunt people’s dreams. 

Baby Carrots - The seemingly harmless orange bites gave my client tremendous levels of stress said Eric Patterson.

Coins - coins are everywhere and difficult to avoid. The phobia can have massive impacts on someone’s life.

Vomitting - People may avoid eating because they're so afraid of vomitting

Peanut butter - not just the fear of peanut butter but the specific fear that it will stick to the roof of your mouth.

Butterfiles - Some people are terrified of nature’s most beautiful insect

Big Things Megalophobia is the fear of big things, and one user said it’s enough to make them feel sick and dizzy.

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