What Colors Make Orange?  Color Theory Explained

Red and yellow mix together to make orange, in case you were wondering, but not all oranges are created equal.   

If you’re serious about turning your passion for painting into a viable side hustle, learning what colors make orange (and the rest of color theory!) is extremely important.

If you’ve noticed this phenomenon, that sometimes it’s difficult to tell what color you’re looking at, you’re dealing with a neutral situation.

How to Mix a Color When You Can’t Even Tell What It Is

Memorizing the color wheel is important, but until you do, it’s nice to have one nearby to check your intuitions.

What Colors Make Orange Look Good?

You can easily pre-plan your color harmonies simply by looking at the color of your subject(s), and find that color’s complement.

Using Color Harmonies to Establish a Solid Foundation

Orange will seem more orange when your image has blue in it, and this applies to the other color harmonies as well.

Color and Value Are Both Relative

Every yellow and red pigment you can get will have different qualities, allowing an endless variety of orange mixtures.

How to Mix a Variety of Orange