What if Financial Advice for Men was more like Financial Advice for Women?

There are so many news articles, posts, etc., that pass themselves as journalism professing to have awesome financial advice for women, but in reality, most of them are shallow and patronizing.  

Stop spending money on clothes and make-up. Ditch the morning coffee – it’s the latte, not the gender pay gap, that keeps you from achieving your dreams.  

What if we gave men the same type of advice? What if, instead of teaching men about investing and financial responsibility, we pandered to the worst stereotypes of their gender and called it financial advice for men? Here's how it would look.

A six-pack of even the cheapest beer costs five or six dollars, and an energy drink costs anywhere from three to five dollars. Instead of blowing that on tasty drinks for yourself, you should be saving it.

Skip the beers and energy drinks

Come on, guys. We know you aren’t saving as much as you should be because you had to have the latest Dungeon Master video game. That sixty bucks could have gone into your investment or savings account instead of being wasted on something fun for you.

Stop Buying Video Games

I get it; you want the latest model of the latest sports car so you can show it off. How would everyone know your status if you didn’t drive a fast car?  Save that money and buy a reliable Honda instead.

Do You Really Need a a Sports Car?

Why do you need to make yourself look presentable? It’s not like society tells you that the clean-shaven look is more desirable and professional. And with razors and other beard trimming products being so expensive, it’s much cheaper to go without.

Skip Shaving

Men are renowned for their confidence. But, oftentimes, they mistake confidence with hubris. This can lead to making riskier investment choices and losses in the long term. Instead of acting like you know all the answers, do a little research.

Don't be too Confident