What My Mom Taught Me About Money

I read a blog post once, on a blog now lost to that space on the internet where blogs go to retire when their owner no longer has time for them. It was about the unstable retirement plan many women rely on 

A husband  That post resonated with me, mostly because of the valuable lesson that my mom taught me about money. 

My mom did what many young women in the late seventies/early eighties did. She got married and stayed home to take care of the children.

Mom's Life

My parents got married and had their first child while still fairly young. She was 22, and my dad was only 19 when my older sister was born. My brother and I arrived shortly after, not twins but less than a year apart. 

The Early Years

For the first ten to twelve years of my life, my mom stayed home with us kids while my dad sold insurance. She never went to college.

Stay at Home Mom

My dad got disgruntled with his work and decided to start a business. My mom helped a ton - keeping the books, doing the grunt work, etc.; but her name was not on it.

Starting a Business

Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, it all fell apart. My father had an affair. When my mom found out about it, he moved out of the family home.  He stopped paying the mortgage and focused on running the business.

A Divorce

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