The truth about moving to save money

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What is Geoarbitrage?

Geoarbitrage is moving from a high cost of living area to a low cost of living area to save money on living expenses. Often times, retirees will move to cheap countries to live out their lives with ease, but people of any age can take advantage

Advantages to Geoarbitrage

1. Lower cost of living

The biggest advantage to geoarbitrage is that you can save tons of money - especially on housing. It's no secret that housing is more affordable in certain places than in others. 

The reduced cost of housing isn't the only cost saving advantage. Taxes are also lower when you move away from cities - and some states don't have sales tax!

Advantages to Geoarbitrage

2. Avoid the Crowds

Smaller, cheaper, places generally have less people overall and are less crowded

Which also means that there will be less traffic for you to deal with!

Disadvantages to Geoarbitrage

1. Jobs

The biggest disadvantage to geoarbitrage is that there might not be many jobs available in the lower cost area. 

This is why it's mostly retirees that take advantage of geoarbitrage. However, if you can work remotely, this might not be a limitation!

Disadvantages to Geoarbitrage

2. Family Support

If you rely on family to help with childcare, or just want to be near them, moving might not be helpful

Childcare is expensive, and if you can get it for free where you are, moving might not save you that much money in the long term. 

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