What's the FIRE Movement? Start Here for the Basics!

FI/RE stands for Financially Independent/ Retired Early. Basically, it means that you can afford your life without having to work a job 

To many, it means living your life on your own terms, not on some employer’s terms. It’s a lofty goal indeed, but I think it’s achievable for many people  

 There’s a type of fire that works for everyone. Achieving the life of your dreams isn’t one-size-fits-all   Here are the different types of FIRE ---->

Want to keep working? Coast your way to retirement knowing you have enough money saved up for a comfortable retirement!

Coast FIRE

Don't have (or need) a ton of money? Be financially independent on less than 40K per year!

Lean Fire

Want some pocket money? Trade in your high stress job for a part time, stress free job. It got its name from people opting to be baristas part time, but any easy part time job you want will work.

Barista FIRE

Want to quit a job you hate to pursue your passions? Passion FIRE will help you get there!

Passion FIRE

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