Where To Get free Money To Start a Small Business

Starting a Business

Starting a business is never an easy task. It takes time, patience, effort, and of course, money. Finding resources can be difficult, but you can make something big once you do. 

Small Business Grants

A small business grant is free money to start a small business, start-up, or project funded by the government, non-profits, or other organizations to help.  Here are different types of grants that can help you start a business

Federal Small Business Grant

The Federal government can be the first place to look for some grant money 

State and Reginal Business Grant

Finding free money to start a business could be right around the corner at your local Small business Development center. 

Corporate Small Business Grant

Many corporations look to see how they can improve the communities around them.  

Other Ways to Get Free Money to Start a Business

Grants aren't the only way to get free money to start a business. Credit cards and banks have ways of getting you money too!

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