Which Type of RV do we Need?

We’ve been in full research mode deciding which type of RV we should get. And guess what, we made a decision!

We went to RV stores, read books, wrote epic pros and cons lists, and even went to the RV fair in Hershey – one of the largest in the country.

Prior to all this research, I couldn’t even decide whether to get a motor home or a trailer! This is such a huge decision; I didn’t want to take it lightly and make the wrong choice.

In order to decide which type of RV to get, you need to identify your needs. Why are you pursuing the RV life? Is it for freedom? Adventure? To Save Money?

If your number one goal is to save money, then you already know you should probably get a smaller used tractor-trailer RV.

If you’ve been saving for this your entire life, you might want to get something that’s a little ritzier.

We saw our first toy hauler at the big RV show in Hershey, and I was blown away by how perfectly it fits our needs.