Why Being A Musician Is Less Work and More Play

Passion FIRE can be about anything. Gaming, art, and travel are my top Passion FIRE pursuits, but really it can be about anything you are passionate about.

That could be raising a family, saving the environment, or even going back to the arts and being a musician or actor. 

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I’m not really 100% sure why, but I’ll play around with why that might be.

On Why Being a Musician is About Playfulness

Mondays are often the busiest part of my work week. Sometimes things pile up over the weekend because of gigs and taking care of our home.

Doing The Job

Thankfully, over many years of working with various mentors, I learned to intentionally use playfulness in my “work”.

Intentional Play

Playful Payoff

So that’s the payoff to playfulness. I get songs and instrumentals that are more fun to listen to and definitely more fun to create.

Playfully Prepared

What can you do to incorporate play into your musicianship or other creative pursuits?