Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the Best Show Ever

First - the characters! I've never seen such realistic characters portrayed on tv. they are loveable and silly, make bad decisions and good decisions, and seem like real people.

The Scooby Gang!

The Feels! 

This show knows how to tug at your heart

The Best Stand-Alone Episodes of Any Show Ever

Hush. Tabula Rasa. The Body.  Need I say more? 

Its Groundbreaking

Willow and Tara were one of the first healthy depictions of a lesbian relationship on television

And a Feminist Icon

Buffy normalized strong female characters!

The Themes

Buffy tackled the hard themes, like surviving high school, growing up, becoming an adult, and finding your place in the world

But we HAVE to talk about the love interests

Buffy and her vampire love triangle spawned a movement

Which Team Are You On?



There's Clearly a Right Answer!

I'm a Spuffy Shipper. And you should be too

Buffy is the best show Ever

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