Why Discord Could be the Next Zoom

Companies are looking for innovative ways to adapt to changes in work and consumer culture in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic and the increase of Gen Z’s purchasing power.

This unique set of challenges may have a solution in the most unexpected places; a gaming chat app called Discord.

The Covid 19 Pandemic accelerated the shift to remote work. Further studies show that Americans want to keep working remoting.

The Future of Work, The Future of Buying

Discord offers brands a solution to both the shift to remote work and changes in cultural attitudes towards brands and social media.

Discord’s Adaptability Provides A Solution to Both These Problems

Many brands turn to Discord because it helps them build communities with their customers.

Discord Helps Companies Build Communities

Adaptability is essential as attitudes towards brands, work, and culture shift.

Adaptability is Key, and Discord Delivers

Discord offers a plethora of bot integrations, personalization options, and functionality for free, making it an enticing option for businesses of all types.

Adaptability is Key, and Discord Delivers