Why I Love Vanguard's Total Market Funds

I finally bought my Vanguard Total Market fund!  I’ve heard amazing things from tons of people about this fund (the biggest perk being the instant diversification), so after a lot of my own research, I decided to buy in. 

Full Disclosure: Vanguard does not have an affiliate program that I'm aware of. So I'm not promoting them because they pay me, I'm promoting them because I love the product! Though if they ever did make an affiliate program, I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

Now that the disclosure is out of the way, here is everything you need to know about Vanguard's Total Market Funds

Although there are a few total market funds on the market, I prefer Vanguard. They are a solid company, the grandfather of index fund investing, and have low investment fees.

Why  Vanguard?

Vanguard offers a variety of index funds that you can choose from. However, only two are considered "total market funds"

Which Fund Should I Choose?

A total market fund is an index fund that is designed to capture the entire US equity market. In theory, that means it’s invested in every single stock available in the United States.

What's a Total Market Fund?

In reality, it's nearly impossible to invest equally in every single equity in the US (and probably not smart!).  Total market funds diversify by investing in small, mid, and large cap equities from multiple sectgors

What does a total market fund really do?

Vanguard was the first company to offer index funds. The funds are great because they have low fees, are easy to access, and offer instant diversification in the stock market.

Why I Love Vanguard