Why I Make a List for Everything - and so should you!

List Making

Making a grocery store list is fine, and all, but have you tried making a list of the stores that you need to go to along with the grocery store and a list of the specific item you need at each specific store? 

Why I Make a List for Everything

Maybe making a list for everything is a little overboard. Do I really need a to-do list, a keyword research list, a list of all the important novels I’ve read, a list of chores, and a list what I want for Christmas? Maybe Not, but I love it!  

It Keeps Me Organized

Writing out a to-do list keeps me on track and helps me remember the important things I need to do. I need this type of organization in my life 

Prevents Overspending

Making that list for grocery shopping and sticking to it is a tried-and-true way to save money, not just on groceries but with everything you might need to buy. 

It's Satisfying

There’s Nothing More Satisfying Than Crossing a Task off a To-Do List. My favorite thing in the world is picking up a pen and crossing that horrendous task that I just accomplished off my list 

How to Create A List

There are lots of ways to create a list. You can use a notepad, an audio recorder, a journal, or even a list making app.  There are tons of list making apps to help you!

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