Why We Need To Demand Sabbatical Leave

What is Sabbatical Leave?

Sabbatical leave is when an organization allows its employees to take an extended break to pursue other interests 

Who Gets Sabbitacal Leave?

Most employees aren't eligible for sabbatical leave. It's rare to find a company that offers this perk, and when one does, it's generally a one time deal. 

We Should Demand Sabbatical Leave

But that's why we need to demand it! There are many amazing benefits to getting a sabbatical. Here are some of them. 

Prevent Burnout

Knowing you can take an extended break without having it affect your job security would be an amazing weight off an employee’s shoulders 


Wouldn’t you want to work for and support a company that cares so much for its employees that it is willing to offer them paid time to do whatever they want?  

Best Employees

Employees who care about their company are more willing to stay. Employees who know they can take an extended break will also be more willing to stay 

Work Life Balance

Parents could take time off to be with their families at the times that they deem most important. Sabbatical would also help families with elder care. 

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