4 Big Reasons to Start an Emergency Savings Fund

Life can be unpredictable, and financial setbacks can crop up at any time. An appliance can stop working, the car can break down, or you could lose a job

An emergency savings fund is a lump sum of cash set aside to cover any unanticipated expenses or financial emergencies that may come your way. 

Here are some big reasons why you should start building your E-fund right away!

If an emergency pops up, you won't have to rely on credit to pay for it.

An E-Fund can prevent you from taking on new debt

Being prepared with an emergency fund can give you a sense of confidence that you can tackle any of life’s unexpected events

Peace of Mind

Unemployment benefits, if you are entitled to them, can help you afford some of your daily expenses, but generally it’s not enough to cover your entire cost of living. Your emergency fund can help bridge the gap.

Ride out Unemployment

Having extra cash set aside in an emergency fund helps keep that money out of sight, and also out of mind.

Make Better Spending Decisions

Need to know how much emergency savings you should have, where to keep it, and how to start building it?

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