Your Complete Guide to Alaskan Cruises

An Alaskan Cruise is the best way to explore a truly unique state. The ship will take you to various cities in this gorgeous region while you make the most of your vacation without ever having to switch hotel rooms. 

Here's everything you need to know before booking your Alaskan Cruise! 

The majority of cruises to Alaska are about seven to 14 days, though there are some options for shorter cruises

Typical Length of Alaskan Cruise

Many of the cruises embark from the US cruise port of Seattle, Washington, though some ships travel to Alaska from Los Angeles. Vancouver, Canada is also a common port of embarkation.

Ports of Embarkation

Big cruise ships and small cruise ships travel to Alaska. Some vessels carry 3,000 passengers or more, and others have just 40 guests or less.

Cruise Lines that Travel to Alaska

Alaskan cruises visit well-known cruise ports like Glacier Bay National Park, Seward, Skagway, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Juneau, and Icy Strait Point.

Ports of Call

Alaska has a cruise season, which is from April through October. June through August are the warmest months, while April and October will make for a colder cruise.

Best Time of Year for an Alaskan Cruise