You can use Discord for:

Community Building

Interacting with Favorite creators

Keeping in touch

What's a Discord Server?

A Discord server is a specific community on the app. Anyone can create a server and the topic is whatever the creator wants






Discord started as a way for gamers to interact. You will find servers dedicated to most games

Content creators have their own servers where fans can interact with them

Some servers are dedicated to learning

How Do I Use Discord?

The left hand side of a server shows the channels/categories, and the right is for chatting. Follow the rules of the server owner



Public Discords


You can search topics right on Discord

Network with content creators and you'll find there are a ton of servers to join

Is a website with a list of servers

To watch a Youtube Video on how to join Discord Servers from and Discord Itself

Swipe Up!

Is Discord Safe?

Most Discord communities are perfectly safe, However, like anything, Discord has been used to spread hate. Report toxic communities if you come across them

Create your own server by clicking the "plus" icon on the bottom left. You will see the words "add a server" - click there

Make Your Own Server!

Follow the prompts to easily create a server of your own!

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