How to Save Money on Heating this Winter

"save money on heating"

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Winter is coming. And unfortunately, as I found out last year, heating a house is insanely expensive. It cost me over five hundred dollars every three weeks to keep this dang house heating! That’s just unsustainable. So, this year, I knew I had to figure out how to save money on heating. So that’s exactly what I did. Read on to find out how I did it!

How to Save Money on Heating

The first thing I did to save money on heating was to not turn the heat on. Genius, I know. Tons of people already had their heaters pumping in early October, when the temperature got down to the forties for the first time. Not me. I braved the cold, hoping my house would keep at least the worst drafts out (hint – it didn’t, but you can read all about how I fixed that below!).

It’s been colder lately – it even got into the teens a few nights! Unfortunately, I can’t keep the heat off with temperatures that low- it would freeze the pipes. Fixing that would be far more expensive than paying a little extra for heat. Instead, I keep the thermostat at a brisk fifty degrees. It’s warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing, but 50 degrees is still quite cold. There are ways to make it bearable though.

"how to save money on heating"
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How to Stay Warm While Keeping the Heat off (or down)


One of my favorite ways to stay warm in my brisk fifty-degree house is to wear tons of layers. I’ve got on my pajama pants, slippers, top, and a warm cozy robe. These things helped a ton when it was fifty degrees or above, but when it got a tad bit below that, I had to sweeten the mixture up a bit with some toasty throw blankets. They got the job done. Besides, what’s the point of winter if you can’t snuggle up under some warm blankets?

Warm Food

It’s stew season for a reason! The warm hearty stews are not only delicious, but they warm you up too! Holding that hot bowl of deliciousness while you slowly savor every bite is almost like heaven on a cool fall day.

The same is true of tea, which we have been drinking an awful lot of lately. Just having a warm cup to hold for a half hour or so really helps the cold disappear for a while. It warms and soothes you from the inside out.  And, as a bonus, it’s delicious.

Space Heater

Ok, the real star of our stay warm show has been our brand-new space heater. These babies warm up a room! True, they do take electricity, but it’s way cheaper to heat up a single room to a comfortable level with a electric space heater than it is to heat the entire house with the expensive oil heating that we have (it’s also cheaper to heat one room than the entire house with electricity).


The downside of a space heater is their propensity for causing fires. You have to be extremely careful when using one. Never ever leave a space heater on or even plugged in when you leave the house. Keep them at least three feet away from any type of flammable material (including carpets – so never place it on a carpeted floor!). Also, make sure you get a space heater with an automatic shut off in case it tips over.

How to Prepare Your House for Winter

The other main way you can save money on heating is by finding ways to keep the heat that you do produce inside the house. There are so many ways for it to escape, especially if you have an older fixer-upper. Keeping that sweet heat inside the house will definitely save you money on your heating costs.


The biggest culprit for escaping heat is the windows. Many of them have tiny drafts, and if they are single pane windows (like 6 of the windows in the super old house) then they have absolutely no insulation. That needs to be fixed.

Luckily, there’s an easy do-it-yourself solution to drafty windows, and that’s plastic. You can even get a DIY-window insulation kit for easy, no fuss insulation. We simply used plastic sheeting and double-sided tape. We probably don’t have as powerful of a seal as the kits with their heat seal, but the bedroom has been noticeably warmer since we put the plastic up. Losing the window is a small price to pay for saving all that warmth.


Another not so easy fix is to ensure that your home is properly insulated. As it turns out, there was hardly any insulation in our attic, and the stuff that was there wasn’t even rated for winter. Nice, right?


On the plus side, installing insulation isn’t that difficult. All you need is the right type of insulation, gloves, and a staple gun. Once you have those things, you just have to lay it out and staple it into place. That’s not too difficult now, is it?


The final thing we did to keep our heat in the house is seal off the doorways. We got all the materials for weather stripping our doors from Lowes, and you can click here to find out what kind you will need. Installing them was fairly easy – they just go in the creases of all the doors. I say it’s easy like I actually did the work myself, hint – I didn’t. It’s nice to have a partner who will help you with these things. He said it was easy. But either way, doing this ensured that the cold air couldn’t leak in from closed doorways.

Does Turning Down the Heat Save Money?

A lot of people like to keep the heat super low while they are away, and pump it up when they get home. The idea is that keeping it low all day will help them save money on heating. The other school of thought is that it’s not worth it – the energy saved from having the heat low all day is cancelled out by the energy that it takes to get the house to your ideal temperature. So which school is right?

The consensus is that if you are going to be gone for more than 8 hours, turning the temperature down actually does help! You should crank that baby down 10-15 degrees while you are away, and turn it back to the ideal temperature once you get home. But don’t turn it higher than the temperature that you want – that won’t really heat your home much faster and it will just waste energy.                

What Should I set the Thermostat at in the Winter?

The ideal temperature for everyone is different. If you want to save money on heating, set the thermostat at a lower temperature than you would normally be comfortable with and follow some of my tips above to keep warm. You can also set it a bit higher if you have a super cheap or efficient heating system, or if you aren’t worried about heating costs.


But if you want to save a ton of money on heating, set it to the lowest temperature you can stand to remain comfortable. Like I said, the thermostats in my house are at a brisk fifty degrees! That’s warm enough that I can be comfortable with my blankets and tea, but also low enough that I won’t burn through all my oil in two weeks.

What are your Tips for Saving Money on Heating?

Since this is my first real winter, I’ve done all the things that the experts recommend and that I can think of. But, if you have any hot tips for how you’ve survived the winter without paying crazy amounts for heating, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I hope your heating bills are reduced by 50% this winter season. I am always thinking of ways to keep the heat “in”. I like to compare my heating bills each month every year (I have natural gas) to see what tactics work.

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