About Us


Partners in Fire is the premier resource in identifying money’s true role in happiness while providing tools, ideas, and resources to help people discover their personal path to a happy life. 

Partners in Fire promotes a holistic approach to financial freedom. We recognize the vital role money plays in a happy, healthy life, but understand it’s not money but the freedom and opportunity money provides that most people crave. 

Our Mission

To serve as a trusted partner on your quest for fulfillment by igniting your passions, promoting your wellness, and guiding you towards financial security.”

The Quest for Fulfillment

Everyone has a different definition of fulfillment. Some want to spend cozy nights at home with family, while others dream of jet-setting around the world to explore exotic locales. 

Partners in Fire guides you on your path to fulfillment with resources on the psychology of happiness, ideas for living your best life, and explorations into how society can band together to help everyone achieve their dreams.  

Igniting Your Passions

What are you passionate about?

Sometimes, we’re so tired after the hustle and bustle of daily life that we don’t even know. 

Partners in Fire is here to help. 

We have resources on travel, gaming, hobbies, exploring the arts, food, history, learning, and all the fantastic things that make life exciting. 

Explore the abundance of options available and rekindle the passion burning deep within your soul. 

If you’re stuck, we have a resource that can help. Check out our printable workbook, “How To Find Your Passion,” in our Etsy shop. 

Promoting Your Wellness

Wellness is an integral part of a happy life. 

Partners in Fire takes a holistic approach to wellness by helping you cultivate meaningful relationships, embrace mental wellness, promote a work-life balance, eat healthier meals, take care of your body, and navigate life’s ups and downs. 

Promoting wellness also involves examining the social, political, and cultural constructs that inhibit the pursuit of happiness. 

Partners in Fire won’t shy away from tackling the challenging issues that keep people trapped in lives that don’t work for them. 

Financial Security

Money may not buy happiness, but it sure helps. The financial stress of living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how to handle an emergency, and massive debt burdens are enormous barriers to happiness. 

Whether you’re striving for financial independence or working to build your first budget, Partners in Fire is here to help. With resources on saving money, investing, financial planning, the FIRE movement, monetizing your passions, and developing a positive relationship with money, we cover all aspects of a healthy economic life. 

Partners in Fire understands that money is deeply personal, and each person has unique financial goals. 

With that in mind, we developed the Triangle Approach, a unique financial planning method that considers your individual goals. The simple system recognizes the personal side of personal finance and helps people create a plan that meets their needs. 

Our Story

Partners in Fire began as a simple financial Independence blog in 2017 but has since morphed into a media company dedicated to helping people find their passions and fund their lives.

The founder, Melanie Allen, realized shortly after starting that people weren’t interested in the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) for the money. They were drawn to independence, the ability to live their lives on their own terms. 

Passion Fire

With that realization, Passion Fire was born. Passion Fire is a type of financial independence that focuses on the whys. People want freedom so they can travel, spend time with their families, focus on their hobbies, and explore the vast bounty the world offers. 

Money isn’t the end goal; it’s the tool that helps us achieve our end goal. 

Partners in Fire is dedicated to helping you identify and achieve your Passion Fire life, whatever it looks like. 

Ignite your passions, follow your dreams, and live life as you were truly meant to. With your trusted partner by your side, you’ll have all the resources you need to turn your dreams into reality. 


Partners in Fire was founded by Melanie Allen, Owner and Operator, in 2017.