Partners in Fire takes pride in delivering quality content. We strive to deliver entertaining, useful, informative, and fact-driven journalism along with engaging and thought-provoking opinion pieces. 

Partners in Fire Editorial Policy

This editorial policy was created to ensure the highest standards of quality and professionalism. 

Our standards promote integrity, accuracy, expression of thought, and transparency. 

Accuracy and Credibility

We hold our journalists to high standards of accuracy. Our editors fact-check the information cited in pieces. We provide links to sources, including research, studies, surveys, reports, or quoted individuals, to allow readers to review data sources independently. 

If you discover inaccurate information in an article, please contact our editorial team so we can review the piece in question. 

Opinion Based Journalism

Partners in Fire values free thought and expression. We offer thought-provoking opinion pieces based on current affairs and the personal experiences of Americans around the world. We publish and promote content aligning with our values of freedom, equality, opportunity, dignity, human rights, and wellness for all Americans. 

The views and opinions expressed by our writers may not always reflect the views of management. While we may disagree with what a writer says, we value their freedom of self-expression. We hold our writers accountable for fact-checking their claims, which our editorial team reviews prior to publication. 

Editorial Independence

Our content is not influenced by sponsors, affiliates, stakeholders, or external parties. Partners in Fire journalists may occasionally receive products or services to review. We offer full disclosure for any brand sponsorships and commit to providing unbiased views of any products or services rendered. 


Partners in Fire supports intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. All content is either original or republished with permission from our syndication partners. 


Our goal at Partners in Fire is to provide original content written by humans for humans. Neither our writers nor editorial teams rely on AI tools to write articles. Every article is written and reviewed by a human before publication.