100K by 30 – Professions that Will Have You Earning 6 Figures Before Your 30th Birthday

A six-figure salary is a dream. Most people don’t hit six figures until mid-career, but some professions pay well at the outset. Consider one of these careers that will earn you six figures by the time you reach 30!


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Remember, these career ideas are self-reported online. Your mileage may vary based on your skill set, education level, and location. 


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Accountants make good money by handling money for others. You need a four-year degree and professional license to break into the game, but it might be worthwhile for the earnings potential. 

Software Developer

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STEM careers are still in, especially in technology. Software developers with great programming skills can make six figures fast. 

Nurse Manager

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If making money is more important than sleep, consider nursing and then take a position as a nurse manager. It’s incredibly stressful, especially in the current healthcare environment, but it pays very well. 

Data Scientist

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Data scientists blend business with data. They identify the problem and data mine the right places to find potential solutions. Many data scientists make six figures. 


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Pharmacists make good money, but you typically need an advanced degree to break into the field. 

Tech Sales

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B2B sales is a massive industry. Corporations constantly need new software, and they never make it in-house. If you have a knack for sales, you can make big bucks doing this. 

Ship Officer

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Cargo moves across the ocean, and the giant vessels need office crew to manage them. Although most ship employees make a pittance, the officers are typically well paid. The downside is you’re stuck out at sea for most of the year. 


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Building stuff is big business. Mechanical and structural engineers make top dollar. 

Air Traffic Controller

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It takes a lot of long, stressful hours to become an air traffic controller. Employees start at about 50K per year but can quickly work up to six figures (including OT and premium pay) after a few years. It’s a stressful job, though. 

Supply Chain Manager

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Our economy runs on products getting from point A to point B promptly. A good supply chain manager makes that happen and earns every penny of their six-figure salary. 

Window Installation

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Blue-collar jobs earn big bucks too. A window installer specializing in single-family homes can pull six figures in the right area. 

Military Officer

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You need a college degree to become an officer, but if you get one and stick with the career, you can earn six figures before you’re thirty. Military service also has many other benefits, like healthcare, housing allowance, and all veterans’ benefits. 

Traveling Welder

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Skilled trades earn big bucks, especially when they’re willing to travel. One user said he earned 60K in his first year while in training and makes about 140K ten years later. 


Smiling woman holding a wine glass in a vineyard.
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A niche profession in the wine industry can make big bucks. You need a fantastic knowledge of wine and a winning personality to make a six-figure salary in this industry. 

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