Secret Habits of Millionaires – 17 Behaviors of the Wealthy You Can Use To Get Rich

Millionaires lead very different lives than us normal folk. Here are 12 things they do differently that help preserve and grow their wealth. The good news? You can copy them!


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Millionaires develop consistent money-saving habits early in life. Even those without wealthy payments found ways to squirrel away a chunk of each and every paycheck. 

Your Money Makes Money

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Millionaires reap massive rewards with interest and capital gains. Some can even live off the interest and dividends of their accounts. 

Avoid Consumerism

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Many millionaires get that way by ignoring fancy trends and “looking” rich. They buy old used cars rather than expensive luxury cars, shop at the dollar store, and don’t value appearances. 

Invest Wisely

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There’s a massive difference between investing and investing wisely. Most millionaires don’t chase trendy investments like the latest crypto coin. They buy stable companies with high growth potential and strong fundamentals. 

Start a Business

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Many millionaires got that way because they started their own businesses. You can make far more working for yourself than for anyone else. 

Risk Takers

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The flip side to starting a business is the risk involved. Many people are risk-averse and prefer the stability of a steady job. Millionaires aren’t afraid to take a risk. 

Growth Mindset

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Most millionaires believe anything is possible. They believe the world offers ample opportunities for everyone, so they develop a growth mindset, allowing them to pursue opportunities as they arise. 


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Patience is a virtue millionaires are experts at employing. They’re okay with delaying gratification now for a better payoff in the long term. 


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Millionaires know the value of a dollar. They constantly shop around for the best deals and won’t buy something if the price isn’t right. 


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Many millionaires have a specific goal and will do anything to achieve that goal. If something doesn’t align with their goal, they won’t do it. When the goal is to amass a fortune, they’ll focus all their energy on achieving it. 


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Some folks just can’t turn it off. Many people make multiple millions because they can’t stop innovating. It’s fun for them. 


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Taking the emotions out of decision-making is tough, but many millionaires do just that. They’ll put their emotions aside and focus on the practical when deciding what to do. 

Live Beneath Your Means

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If you can’t afford it, don’t get it. Millionaires don’t rely on credit to pay for their wants. If they don’t have the cash, they’ll decide not to buy. 

Pay Yourself First

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Many millionaires put their savings and investments on autopilot. They put 20% of all earnings into savings and build their budgets off the remainder. 


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People struggling with money use debt recklessly, while millionaires use it as a tool. They’ll gladly pay interest on mortgages for cashflow or take out a loan if they know they can make more than the interest. 

Financial Literacy

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They don’t teach financial literacy in schools, so millionaires seek the knowledge independently. They read books and articles on investing, saving, and retirement and seek guidance from trained professionals. 

Life Planning

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Though some millionaires get luck through the parental lottery or crazy investments, most gain their wealth by making smart decisions throughout their lives. They didn’t have kids while still in school, chose a lucrative career, and married smartly. 

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