11 Expensive Purchases that Are Far More Useful than Expected

Frugality is an art. Sometimes, even the most frugal among us splurge on something to enhance their lives. These 11 items cost a lot, but they were worth the price for their usefulness. 

Robot Vaccum

Robot vacuum cleaning a spill made by a ginger cat who sits nearby.
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Keeping the house clean while working full-time is challenging for anyone. A robot vacuum can help ease the burden. 


A family standing outside their new home smiling and showing off the keys.
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Buying a house is expensive, but having a place to call your own is worth every penny. When you own, you can decorate the way you want and make the house fit you. Some folks never want to leave. 

Electronic Mixer

Red electronic kitchen mixer.
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The electronic automatic mixers cost a pretty penny, but they make mixing dough a breeze. People who love to bake see a massive return on the investment. 

A Good Mattress

A woman sits in bed in the morning hugging her pillow. She's wearing white and her entire room is white.
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A high-quality mattress is vital to getting a good night’s rest. Spending thousands on a mattress seems ridiculous until you sink into the immense comfort and feel more rested than you have in years. 

Chef’s Knife

Woman cutting veggies in the kitchen holding a knife and sucking her finger as if she had a small accident.
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You’ll never dread cutting vegetables again when you’ve cut them with a good chef’s knife. Most of the kitchen supplies we find in stores are cheap knockoffs and make chopping far more difficult than it needs to be. 

Robo Litter Box

Smiling woman holding a cat
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Self-cleaning litter boxes are expensive, but they take a lot of work out of cleaning up after kitty. You must only replace the litter once a week rather than scoop it daily. 

Wireless Headphones

White wireless ear buds on a blue background.
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Never worry about getting tangled in your headphones again. Though a good pair of wireless headphones can cost a pretty penny, they’re well worth it. 

A Good Jacket

A woman dressed in winter fashion with a hat, scarf, gloves, and hat.
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Some folks think they’re destined to be cold all winter until they discover the joys of an expensive winter jacket. A good coat will keep you warm. 

Cruise Vacation

Tourist standing in front of a cruise ship, looking at the ship.
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Many travelers scoff at cruises, but they’re ideal vacations for someone stressed out and wanting everything planned for them. 


An instapot on a kitchen counter.
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A good Instapot helps you prepare meals instantly, reducing the burden in the kitchen. 

Running Shoes

Wall covered with various colored tennis shoes
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You must pony up for good shoes if you want to run regularly. People who bought high-end, fitted running shoes don’t look back. 

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