14 Financial Surprises Most People Don’t See Coming

An expense can morph into a nightmare if you don’t properly plan for it. These 14 problems can cause severe impacts on your finances if you aren’t prepared for them. 

Homeownership Expenses

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Owning a home is far more expensive than most people think. It’s not just the mortgage and insurance. You’re now responsible for everything – from air filters to plumbing emergencies. The list is endless – and expensive. 

Pensions Ending

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Older women who rely on their husbands for financial support in retirement often get a nasty surprise while grieving. When he passes, his pension stops, leaving her with no income. 

Learning To Do It Yourself

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When one person in a partnership handles all the finances, the other can struggle to understand how bills and taxes work. Everyone needs to educate themselves on financial literacy to avoid a harsh, confusing shock in the wake of death or divorce. 

Job Loss

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No one expects to lose a job. It can send folks spiraling into a pit of financial despair when it happens. 

Family Emergencies

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You can protect yourself all you want but can’t force your beloved family members to handle their finances correctly. Many people need to financially help their parents, siblings, or nieces/nephews. If they don’t help, who will?

Sick Children

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A sick child will decimate a parent’s finances. Our disgusting healthcare system forces parents into bankruptcy to get their children the healthcare they so desperately need. 

Running Out of Money

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People with longevity face a challenge they didn’t expect: they risk outliving their money. What can you do when you’re 90 years old and out of savings?

Car Insurance Increases

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Inflation drove up car insurance rates, causing a massive financial burden on millions. But it’s even worse if you raise your risk profile by getting a ticket or having a fender bender. 


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Never co-sign for anything. There’s a reason they can’t get a loan in their name alone. Odds are, they’ll stop paying and leave you holding the bag. 


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Divorce causes financial shockwaves for everyone. One household becomes two, with double the expenses. Women particularly find themselves struggling after a divorce, as they typically have to navigate childcare and work all by themselves. 


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We all know the moving truck is expensive, but moving typically comes with hidden costs you don’t anticipate. Application fees, first/last month’s rent, security deposits, and furnishings cost a small fortune. 

Car Repairs

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Most of us need our cars to get to work to pay for life. One major problem with a vehicle can have a devastating impact on people’s finances. A new transmission or alternator can cost thousands of dollars that people driving older cars can’t afford. 

A Loss in the Family

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A tragic loss in the family causes undue financial burdens at the worst possible time. Grieving survivors get manipulated into paying outrageous sums for caskets, funerals, and arrangements, while some lose an essential source of income. 


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Having kids is expensive. People don’t always realize how expensive it is until they try to sign up for daycare, which costs more yearly than many people pay for rent. 

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