“You Know You’re Poor When…” Poor Folks Share the Biggest Clues You Know You’re Poor

The poor live a life that the rich can’t fathom. But at least they have a sense of humor about it!

One optimistic yet financially hindered person came to a popular forum for people lacking wealth, asking folks to share the best “You know you’re poor when…” jokes. 

Leaving the Oven Open

A woman opening her oven.
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You know you’re poor when you refuse to waste the sweet heat from an oven in winter. Keeping that door open while the oven cools will help spread that heat throughout the house. 

Damp Clothes

Upset senior woman holding up a shirt that shrunk in the laundry. The washer is open behind her.
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People without their own laundry machines all share the frustration of damp clothing. Sometimes, the laundry mat dryer doesn’t get everything dry, but you don’t have enough money to run them through again. 

$20 Bucks!

Woman with her arms up and a pile of money in one hand glowing with happiness.
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Twenty dollars is nothing to some, but finding a spare twenty-dollar bill can improve a poor person’s entire month!


A woman sitting cross legged on the ground holding a single candle.
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Rich folks use candles for the scent and the ambiance, but poor folks use candles to see at night without paying for electricity. 

We are not the same. 

Free Condiments

Bowls of assorted condiments and dips on a table.
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Why pay for condiments when you can collect the ones that come free from fast food restaurants?  Though most folks have random ketchup packets, low-income people have special storage places to ensure they always have some on hand. 


A hoarder sitting in a garage with all his stuff.
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Poor people can’t stand to part with things because they never know when they’ll need it. Empty jars, old possessions, random cords, and spare parts all might come in handy someday, and they won’t be able to afford to buy it if they need it. 

Getting Every Last Drop

image of generic shampoo bottles
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Poor folks know how to make things last. Mixing water with detergent and shampoo can make these costly necessities last an extra week. 

Zero Waste

woman throwing away a pair of glasses
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Zero waste may be the hot new trend, but poor folks roll their eyes at these new influencers “discovering” the secrets they’ve used for decades. 

The poor stick with reusable products like diapers, plates, and towels because washing and reusing is far cheaper than using disposable products. 

Gas Money

hands filling a car's gas tank
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Some folks scoff when people use food stamps to purchase things like soda but don’t realize the second-order benefits. Pop provides a ton of calories and sugar to help people get through the day, and people can recycle cans and bottles for gas money. 

Flags as Curtains

A pretty window with a light over it and some flags hanging inside.
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Sometimes, people decorate with flags because they can’t afford curtains. You know you’re poor when you must rely on flags, sheets, and blankets to block the windows. 

Winter Recipes

plate of mouthwatering pot roast with potatos and carrots.
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Poor folks don’t use the oven in the summer. That would heat the house too much. Many things can only be cooked in the winter. 

A Special Treat

A woman enjoying a fast food cheeseburger.
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Poor kids celebrate their birthdays at McDonald’s because that’s all their parents can afford. You know you’re poor when your weekly special treat is a fast food dollar menu meal. 

Taking Extra

man holding 7 roll of toilet paper in his arms
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Toilet paper is a necessity. You know you’re really poor when you take a bit extra every time you use a public toilet for use at home. 

Free Tupperware

Assorted selection of reusable containers.
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Why buy Tupperware when you can use sour cream canisters and take-out containers? You know you’re poor when you’re entire Tupperware collection was sourced from takeout and grocery items. 

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