No Longer Worth the Cost: Top Products That Aren’t Worth the Price Anymore

Inflation forced prices up across the board. 

The price increases make people think twice before they buy. Here are the top things people stopped buying because although they can afford it, they don’t think it’s worth the new, higher cost. 


Different types of cereals in small bowls on a table.
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Why pay six bucks a box for cereal when you eat healthier fruits and oatmeal for just as much? Cereal is too expensive to remain a beloved breakfast staple. 


Different chip varieties in little bowls on a table - view from above.
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The salty snack deserves its place on every party snack table, but they’re going for over five bucks a bag now! It’s better for our wallets and our waste to put them back. 

Concert Tickets

Crowd of raised arms at a concert.
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It’s not just the tickets but the outrageous service fees and taxes coupled with the cost of parking at the venue that make concerts no longer worth the price. 

Fast Food

A woman enjoying a fast food cheeseburger.
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People flocked to fast food restaurants for cheap, easy meals. It’s no longer cheap and no longer worth it. 


The Disney Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
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While we could never call a trip to Disney (land or world) cheap, it’s gotten so expensive that many people decided to vacation elsewhere. Dollyworld is looking really good right about now!

Streaming Services

Older couple on a couch watching television.
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Everyone ditched cable for Netflix and Hulu, but as each network developed its own streaming service and decided to charge for it, people who want to watch all the channels are now paying just as much as they used to with cable. 


three glasses of cold pop with ice in them
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A dollar a bottle is fine for the tasty, refreshing carbonated beverage, but now, many places charge nearly a dollar for a smaller can. It’s good, but not that good. 

Food Delivery

A man riding a bicylce with a food delivery case on his back.
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Food delivery skyrocketed during the pandemic, but with all the added-on fees and tips, many decided they’d rather go pick up their order themselves. 


A hotel concierge stands in the lobby eager to greet guests.
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Airbnb used to be a trendy alternative to hotels. Hosts got greedy with all their hidden fees, so everyone’s flocking back to hotels. 


A group of friends at the bowling alley. The view from the lane as a woman throws the ball.
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A fun night out at the bowling alley used to be an affordable night out for a middle-class family. Not anymore. The rising costs hit the lanes, and many people don’t think it’s worth the new, higher price. 


A smiling woman holding her morning cup of coffee.
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Finance gurus constantly blame coffee for people’s money woes, but with the rising prices, they kind of have a point. 

A Starbucks drink used to be under five bucks, now it’s over six. While splurging on a fancy drink once a week won’t put you in financial ruin, many people no longer think it’s worth it. 

Chicken Wings

A serving of chicken wings on a table.
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Thirty-cent wing nights are a thing of the past. Chicken wings used to be a cheap staple, but now they’re popular, so everyone charges too much for them. 

The Movies

empty movie theater with lights shining on the seats
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The Golden Age of Cinema is over. People no longer flock to the movie theater to catch the latest releases—the outrageous ticket prices and price gauging on snacks force many people to stay home. 


smiling man wearing college graduation robes and holding a diploma
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A college degree used to all but guarantee a successful career. Not anymore. All it guarantees now is a lifetime of indentured servitude as you struggle to pay off the loans you took out to get your college degree. 

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