12 Boomer Financial Tips You Should Ignore

“Okay, Boomer,” scoff millennials as they hear yet another outdated piece of advice from their boomer parents. Here are the worst pieces of advice about money and work that Boomers can’t let go. 

Put All Your Money In Savings

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Boomers made a ton of money in the 1980s and 90s when interest rates on savings accounts surpassed yields on investments. Though interest rates are rising, you’ll still get better returns with stocks. 

Go To The Company

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Boomers got tons of work by marching right up to the boss and demanding a job. It doesn’t work that way anymore. 

Get a Loan to Pay Your Loan

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When interest rates are lower than your current rate, it can make sense to consolidate your loans. Boomers continue to give this advice despite the rapid increase in interest rates over the past few years. 

You Have to Justify Your Raise

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It’s Boomer’s fault wage compression exists. They think they have to justify a raise when the rising cost of living and changes in fair market value for a specific job are justification enough. 

Give Your All To the Company

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When Boomers were young, hard work paid off. Nowadays, hard work only gets you more work. Your boss won’t promote you for going above and beyond; they’ll hinder your opportunities, so you can’t leave. 

You Must Go To College

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Millions of Millennials listened to their parents, who said college was the only option. They’re now saddled with outrageous debt they can’t escape and still can’t find a good job. 

Anything with a Degree

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Boomers also think degrees are as rare as they once were. They can’t believe their kids can’t find good jobs when they have a degree!

Get Rich Quick

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Why do Boomers always have a hot new business venture? They’re all about making a quick buck without any work. No wonder scammers constantly target them. 

Women Shouldn’t Work

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Misogynistic Boomers still think women belong at home. They’ll deride women who choose to work but also think any young couple can afford to have one partner stay home. 

Move Someplace Cheaper

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Do Boomers not realize that housing costs are rising exponentially across the United States or that the most expensive cities also have the jobs?

You Could Afford a House if You Stopped X

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When “X” is any five-dollar luxury that makes life just a tiny bit better. Saving five bucks a week should give us enough for a 10% down payment on a house in about 160 years.

Stay at that Job

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Boomers with pensions can’t imagine why younger folks would want to job-hop. They didn’t get the memo that most companies no longer have pensions, and most people make more money when they switch companies. 

Saying No One Wants To Work

woman throwing papers behind her as she quits her job.
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The common boomer refrain derides younger generations for refusing awful working conditions. Are they right?

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