Patronizing Pizza Parties Not the Answer for Overworked Employees

Pizza parties used to be nice. Grateful managers would surprise employees with a free Friday lunch and a break from the hustle and bustle of the work week. 

Unfortunately, pizza parties lost their appeal. Managers relied too much on pizza, thinking that a few paltry slices every now and again would make up for toxic customers and low wages. 

Users of the popular Anti-work community on Reddit explained why pizza parties aren’t the answer. 

Patronizing Pizza

The thread’s Original Poster (OP) came to Reddit apologizing for their early thoughts on pizza parties. They used to think pizza parties showed the company’s gratitude, but after experiencing one, they realized the truth. 

Pizza doesn’t cut it. 

A Slice of Pizza vs. Everything Else

OP said their company is at total capacity, meaning employees are overworked and constantly dealing with challenging customers. Everyone is stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted, and angry. 

The company’s solution to these massive problems was a pizza party. But to save money, they announced that every employee could only have one slice. 

Once slice of pizza to compensate for the weeks of horrible treatment, long hours, and stressful days. 

One slice of pizza “instead of hiring more staff, or giving better training, more support, any form of security,” as OP succinctly put it. 

OP doesn’t want the pizza. They want better working conditions. Apparently, that’s too much for management. 

Pizza Parties Work in Certain Situations

Of course, pizza parties and lunches out can work in certain circumstances. Employees get upset when a multibillion-dollar corporation only offers pizza parties instead of raises, bonuses, or anything else. 

However, when a direct supervisor who doesn’t control the purse springs splurges on pizza or a meal out for their employees, it’s seen as a nice gesture. Workers know their first-line supervisor has no control over the wages or bonuses, and they appreciate that at least someone in the company cares, even if they can’t affect much change. 

Manager-Only Pizza Parties are Worse

Some users of the subreddit shared stories of pizza parties limited to management staff and above. The employees do all the work, and the company can’t offer them a single slice. 

One shared that the managers graciously allowed the staff the leftovers as if enough to make up for low wages and being excluded from the special treat in the first place. 

Keep Your Pizza

Employees don’t want pizza parties. They want to earn enough money to support themselves and their families. They want time off. 

Companies constantly think that paltry rewards like pizza parties and casual Fridays are enough to keep good employees happy. They’re not. 

To keep good employees, companies need to show them they care. The best way to show appreciation is through pay raises and bonuses. 

Treat your employees well; they will continue to go above and beyond for you. Treat them poorly and insult them with the bare minimum, and they’ll jump ship

Companies need to do better for their employees. 

Source: Reddit