When the Boss Thinks Work Comes First Despite a Family Emergency

We need our jobs to survive, but some bosses seem to think that means they own you. They refuse time off, scream when employees dare have a life outside the business and engage in toxic practices designed to keep workers in their place. 

One man came to Reddit, frustrated at their job after a “disagreement” over a family emergency. 

A Day At Work

The Original Poster (OP) said they work as a manager at a restaurant franchise. He stated that he always shows up on time and goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant. 

Wife Rushed to the ER

One day, while working a slow shift with only one other manager on duty, OP received a terrifying call from his wife. 

She wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to the ER. 

OP Leaves Work

Like any normal human, OP left work and rushed to his wife’s side. He told the other manager on duty that he had an emergency and needed to bolt, then went to the hospital. 

Owner Flips Out

The restaurant owner, who doesn’t see his peons as people, couldn’t believe OP’s audacity. How dare he leave his shift!

The owner berated OP for leaving his shift without making a plan for coverage. 

What Should OP Have Done?

A flummoxed OP wasn’t even sure how to respond. His wife was going to the ER, so clearly, there was a medical emergency. He couldn’t know the severity of the situation until it was resolved. He didn’t know if he could afford to wait to “make a plan.”

He did tell the other manager on duty he was leaving, so it wasn’t like he up and left with no notice. 

No One Regrets Not Working

Reddit users consoled OP, telling him he made the right choice. 

When you’re on your deathbed, the one thing I’ll guarantee you you are not going to think is “I wish I could have worked more,” said one user. 

The Worst Case Scenerio

One user shared their own experience in a similar situation. A family member was in the hospital, but their boss said they couldn’t leave, so they stayed. 

That family member ended up passing during the poster’s shift. 

“I will always regret not leaving that job to go see him,” they said. 

Family First

Despite big businesses’ insistence, family should always come first. You can always find a new job but can’t get more time with loved ones. When they’re gone, they’re gone, so it’s vital to cherish the time you do have. 

Restaurant’s Responsibility

At the end of the day, it’s the restaurant owner’s responsibility to manage the shifts. While managers typically act as middlemen to do that work, they are people too and don’t need to bend to the whims of a business owner just because they carry a manager’s title. 

The owner could have had extra coverage on the shift or could implement an on-call system for contingencies. Emergencies are a fact of life, and the owner needs to develop a plan to cover them, not the employee experiencing an emergency. 

Source: Reddit