14 Fantastic Reasons To Enjoy Winter You Probably Didn’t Consider

Winter’s cold and snow trap us indoors for half the year. After the magic of Christmas, the full force of winter’s drudgery takes effect. But it’s not all bad. Here are 14 fantastic things about winter you may not have considered. 

No Bugs

A mosquito on skin at sunset so the mosquito and skin look like dark silhouettes.
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The cold doesn’t bite half as hard as summer’s pesky insects. You can enjoy being outside on winter’s calm days without worrying about getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

Snowy Peace

Snow covering the street in winter.
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Snow is awful when you must dig your car out to work. But those days when everything is closed after a massive snowfall blankets the community feel like bliss. 

Reduced Allergies

A woman with her hands over her face as if she's about to sneeze.
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Winter is a godsend for folks with pollen allergies. It’s the one season of the year they can breathe. 

Hot Cocoa

Cup of hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane in it.
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Nothing beats the warm embrace of hot chocolate covered in marshmallows. It’s a tasty treat you can’t enjoy in the heat. 


crock pot meal
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Winter is stew season, meaning you can bust out the crockpot for hearty meals that are too heavy to enjoy in the summer. 

Winter Fashion

A woman dressed in winter fashion with a hat, scarf, gloves, and hat.
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Winter has much more options for fashion. You can accessorize with coats, hats, and scarves and don’t have to worry about shaving. 

Better Sleep

Happy woman sleeping in a comfy bed.
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Though many people hate the longer nights, it does provide more opportunity for sleep. We no longer have to worry about the sun hitting our eyes at the crack of dawn and can go to bed earlier if needed. 


Happy man holding a video game controller sitting on a couch like he's playing a game.
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Cold winters give us a perfect excuse to nestle into long nights of gaming. We can’t go outside, so we may as well enjoy our favorite video games. 

Winter Sports

A family sledding in the snow.
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Winter provides the opportunity for skiing, ice skating, and sledding. Get outside and enjoy the winter playground. 

The Fireplace

a red mug and open book sit next to a fireplace. There are herbs and leaves littered about.
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There’s nothing better than snuggling around a warm hearth on a cold winter’s night. Grab a warm blanket, a glass of wine, and a good book to enjoy the cozy night. 

Winter Landscapes

View from the top of Mount Aspen
Photo Credit: Melanie Allen, Partners in Fire

The frosty trees and snow-covered ground provide a scenic view unmatched in any other season. 

The Snow Crunch

A pair of winter boots in the snow.
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An underrated yet amazing part of winter is the satisfying crunch the ice and snow make under your boot as you walk over it. 

A Snowfall

People walking through a park during a snowstorm.
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There’s something magical about a snowstorm. The unique snowflakes glisten in the sun, and the world gets quiet as the snow builds up along the city streets. 


woman lifting her arms in a field of fresh spring flowers
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People who live in year-round warmth can’t appreciate the beauty and renewal of spring the same way people who survive winter can. Those first few days of spring, when everything is fresh, green, and bursting with new life, can only exist because of winter. 

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