Boomers And Millenials Finally Agree! Gen Z Is Into Some Weird Stuff

Kids these days sure like weird stuff. Their TikTok feeds burst with odd trends that older folks like to side-eye, unable to understand how anyone could enjoy this stuff, much less an entire generation. 

It’s Always Like That

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Of course, that’s always the case with older generations. New trends explode amongst younger crowds, and older people scratch their heads in disbelief that such a peculiar thing is popular. 

While enjoying the popular R/askreddit community on Reddit, I found a thread asking users to share the most perplexing trends enjoyed by the youngest generation as they navigate their teenage years and early adulthood. 

Here are the best responses. 

Recording Suspect Behavior

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Gen Zers record everything for posterity, and upload even suspicious videos to their favorite social media platforms. 

One user said the Gen Z trend of “Documenting themselves committing crimes then posting them to social media” baffles them. Others agreed, saying Gen Z is the first generation to grow up in a world full of social media. They may not have learned some of the savvy web tips older generations hold sacred, such as not posting evidence of nefarious activities online. 

They’re like the oldest siblings who makes all the mistakes so the younger ones can learn from it. I salute their sacrifice,” said one user. 

Putting Everything Online

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Gen Z puts everyone online for all to see. They air their dirty laundry all over the internet, and have to thoughts of privacy when recording other people. 

Romanticising Mental Illness

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Mental illnesses are severe medical conditions, but some from Gen Z seem to think they’re “cute” or “quirky.”

“It’s embarrassing because they treat it like it’s a competition or something quirky like… no, it’s not? Stop making your mental illnesses your only personality traits,” stated one user. 

“Or self-diagnosing with a mental illness you know little about and making it an excuse for sh**ty behavior,” added another. 

All the Labels

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Gen Z loves their labels. Everyone needs a unique identifier. 

“Millennials fought a crusade to do away with labels. You’re a person and can do whatever you want and don’t need to be labeled,” shared one user. “Gen-Z seems to be dead set on labeling everything. As many labels as possible, and you must abide by what your labels say,” they added. 

Reaction Videos

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Reaction videos started with the millennial generation, but at that time, they showcased people’s reactions to horror movie jump scares or devastating events on favorite television shows. 

Gen Z’s reaction videos are far less entertaining.  Gen Zs are “Posting videos where they’re just making faces with some text while a song plays that usually has nothing to do with the text,” said one user, unsure why this type of content gets popular. 

Broccoli Cut

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Zoomer boys love the “Meet me at Mcdonald’s” haircut, a popular style that looks like a broccoli flower atop the head. 

“The ol’ broccoli top. It honestly looks like a joke haircut,” said one user, adding, “Kids have been convinced it makes them look good/cool.”

Dreams of Internet Fame

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80s kids wanted to be rock stars, and 90s kids wanted to be movie stars. Zoomers wish for internet fame. 

“One of my greatest fears is being involved in a viral video in any capacity, but for so many zoomers, that’s their number 1 goal,” said one user. Every generation wants to stand out and become famous; they just go about it differently. 

Sell Outs

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Gen Xers were anti-corporation and anti-establishment, and can’t fathom why the Zoomers all want to sell out. 

“It’s very weird that in 30 years or so, we’ve gone from selling out being a bad thing to it being the main goal. To the point where large numbers of people genuinely don’t even understand the concept,” said one user. 

Of course no one admits that selling out is the pragmatic choice when you want to pay the bills. 

Tik Tok

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Older folks hate Tik Tok. Why are Zoomers obsessed with it?

“Obnoxious is what I would describe it,” shared one user. 

“The scary thing is, it doesn’t suck, but that’s why it sucks,” responded another. “TikTok has a scary good algorithm, and it will show you content you genuinely do want to see, and that’s why it’s bad because it sucks you into rabbit holes and stops you from leaving.”

Moral Superiority

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Zoomers have a point about many social issues but take their ideas too far with an overly moralistic approach and harsh, judgmental attitudes. 

“Gen Z is the most pretentious moralistic, and puritanical gen since maybe the lost gen,” said one user. 

There’s nothing wrong with boycotting anything you don’t like or artists and companies whose values don’t align with your own. However, Gen Z takes it too far, purposefully searching for outdated comments to find any reason to try to cancel someone. 

Gen Z needs to learn grace and acceptance and allow others to learn and grow from their mistakes.

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