Mouthwatering Roasted Broccoli that Will Make You Want To Eat Your Veggies

Are you still boiling your broccoli? You’re doing it wrong! Roasted broccoli offers the best of all worlds by giving you a healthy side dish without sacrificing flavor.

Find out why roasted broccoli is the superior way to serve this oft-hated vegetable.

Ways to Cook Broccoli

There are tons of ways to cook broccoli. It’s not as ubiquitous as Shrimp or potatoes, but it does offer enough versatility to go with most dishes.

However, many people stick to the basics. They either boil it like their parents did, resulting in a mush, overcooked mess, or steam it, maintaining the crisp green flavor that most people disdain.

Broccoli can also be served raw, requiring ranch dip to cover up the intense flavor, or blended into various dishes to hide the good-for-you veggie.

There’s a much better way to cook and serve broccoli – one that maintains the healthy nutrients without sacrificing flavor. You won’t even need to hide it!

Why Roasted Broccoli is Superior

Roasted broccoli is the best way to cook and serve broccoli because it offers the best of both worlds: flavor and nutrition.

Boiling broccoli sacrifices nutrients, as many essential vitamins seep from the vegetable and into the surrounding water. Steamed broccoli maintains those valuable nutrients, but many people have trouble swallowing the healthy option.

Many home chefs attempt to hide the harsh broccoli flavor by smothering it in cheese sauces or blending it into purees of less-healthy offerings, almost defeating the purpose of eating vegetables.

Roasted broccoli keeps the vital nutrients and tastes far better than any other plain broccoli dish.

How To Roast Broccoli

One of the best parts of making roasted broccoli as a side dish is it’s as simple as it is delicious.

Here’s how to make roasted broccoli:

  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees
  2. Wash and chop the broccoli
  3. Toss chopped broccoli lightly in olive oil
  4. Grab a sheet pan with a small lip (1/4 inch or half inch)
  5. Lay aluminum foil on the pan
  6. Spread broccoli on a sheet pan
  7. Cook on the rack closest to the top for 25 minutes or until flower buds are slighlty blackened and the stalks are tender

Print out this recipe card so you always have it on hand!

Roasted broccoli recipe card
Image Credit: Created in Canva by Partners in Fire.

Different Ways To Roast Broccoli

Though the crispy brown edges are the tastiest part of roasted broccoli, those who do not enjoy the slightly burnt flavor can roast for a little longer at a lower temperature and on the lower rack to avoid overcooking. Those who prefer crispier broccoli can skip the olive oil and roast it slightly longer so the edges are all super cripsy.

One of the biggest bonuses of cooking broccoli this way is all the enhancements you can make. Those looking for a cleaner option can skip the olive oil and roast the broccoli raw, sacrificing very little in flavor. Those who want tastier broccoli can add a bit of spice to their olive oil. Garlic, salt, and pepper are ideal choices that effortlessly enhance the flavor, but you can also add thyme, rosemary, sage, or parsley for unique twists on the dish.

The shallow roasting pan provides endless options for adding things to your broccoli. Experiment and add grated parmesan cheese, chopped red pepper, capers, or almonds. Mix the broccoli with cauliflower, carrots, or potatoes for a robust roasted vegetable dish, or mix with chopped onions and red pepper flakes for roasted broccoli with a kick. Add sesame seed and soy sauce for an Asian flair, or drizzle balsamic and feta cheese on top to pair with a Mediterranean meal.

The possibilities are endless.

Is Roasted Broccoli Healthy?

Roasting is a great way to enjoy broccoli because this cooking method maintains essential nutrients. Roasted broccoli without any additions is just as healthy as steamed broccoli.

Of course, the healthy aspects depend significantly on what you add. If health is your top priority, roasting plain broccoli is the best option. Although you’ll lose the extra punch of the additives, you’ll get a hearty side dish still bursting with flavor.

Try Roasting Broccoli for Your Next Side Dish

If your family is sick of mushy boiled broccoli and flavorless steamed broccoli, treat them with a side dish that will entice their tastebuds. Roast your broccoli and watch with pride as they gobble down their vegetables and ask for more.

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