10 Renowned Professions that Attract the Worst People

Some essential jobs attract the worst kinds of people. They offer money, power, or status, symbols which, unfortunately, bring out the worst in humanity. 

While scrolling through the popular R/askreddit sub on Reddit, I discover a question asking users to share which professions, in their opinions, tend to attract horrible people. 

Here are some of the top responses. 


A functioning society needs political leaders to make laws, decide upon budgets, and ensure the government works for the people. 

Unfortunately, the worst people in our society view political office as a means to gain power and status. 

“Politics tends to attract power-hungry narcissists who want to control other people’s lives,” stated one user. 

Many agree that the people who want to hold high political offices are probably those least qualified to have them, but good people who would work towards a fair society for everyone don’t seek this type of power. 

“The biggest problem with modern society is those who want to be politicians shouldn’t be, and those who should be, don’t want to be,” replied another user. 

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The entire point of sales positions is manipulating others to buy a product. Although many do it because it pays the bills, those who love the thrill of closing a deal may not be the best types of people. 

“I’m in sales, and I have to agree with you. I’m not as successful as some of my peers since I refuse to do half of what they are willing to do to make a sale happen,” shared one user. 


Some bouncers are just looking for a reason to start something. They apply for the job because they crave drama and want to get paid to cause trouble. 

“I swear those people are always looking to create trouble so they can exercise their right to kick a**,” said one user. 

Others agreed, sharing their experience working as bouncers or being on the receiving end of a pumped-up bouncer’s ire. 

“Former bouncer in my youth, and I can 100% confirm that most of the drama we were in was caused by the two biggest guys,” shared one user. 

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Tow Truck Drivers

One user said that most tow truck drivers they’ve met were felons, and an even higher amount were jerks. 

However, others pointed out that felons have few options upon release, as most companies won’t hire them. The tow truck industry is one of the few that gives people a second chance, so it’s not so much that the industry attracts felons, but it’s one of the few places that provides ex-cons an opportunity. 

We should respect that and maybe change the way we think about how we treat felons upon release from jail. 

Medical Students

Many Redditors claimed medical students are the most arrogant and pretentious, which doesn’t bode well for the doctors they become. 

“I’m a research scientist and have often interacted with medical students, vet students, and basic science students at various times,” shared one user.  “It’s always the medical students who are arrogant and think they know everything, despite having much less knowledge about research than the basic science students.”

Another claimed that the entire medical school process attracts the worst type of human. “There is a huge body of literature questioning the whole premed process since it seems to ensure that the wrong people tend to get to be doctors,” they said. 

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Staff in Mental Health Wards

Mental health wards are notoriously tricky. Employees have to deal with humans at their very worst, in the throes of severe mental health disorders. 

Doctors who can find less stressful work elsewhere jump ship, leaving inexperienced, overwhelmed staff at best and those who enjoy the power they have over their helpless wards at worst. 

Many users shared terrible experiences with the staff at mental health facilities, including stories of abuse, forced medication, and doctors not listening to their patient’s needs. 

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We need police forces. The police protect our communities, our properties, and even our lives. Unfortunately, the days of wholesome police officers like Andy Griffen seem long gone. 

Horrible people often seek positions on police forces to exert power and control over others. 

“Why go into a high-risk, underpaid job unless you are in it for the power trip?” asked one user. 

Others lamented that the police should be an organization that helps the community and highlighted that some good officers still strive to make a difference. 

Unfortunately, the power trip is super enticing to awful people. “They [cops] tend to be arrogant narcissists with control and anger issues,” stated another user. 

Human Resources

Many users commented that people in Human Resources are the worst. They love their small amount of power and take every opportunity to lord it over the workers. 

Others defended HR professionals, saying it’s their job to protect the company, and most are simply following the rules put forth in employee handbooks and federal law. 

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A surprising amount of Redditors claimed the nursing profession attracts horrible people. 

“Not all nurses are mean girls, but all mean girls are nurses,” said one, implying that high school mean girls tend to choose nursing. 

Many other users commented to support nurses. “ All the nurses I’ve ever encountered (besides one) were quite nurturing and friendly. I had a bad injury a few years ago, and the nurses were shining light in a time of intense pain for me,” said one, defending their nurses. 

Some said most nurses treat patients well but made the list due to how they treat their colleagues. 

However, they’re lashing out makes sense. Nurses are traditionally overworked, underpaid, and stressed out. Of course, they’re going to vent someplace. 

All Professions

Some Redditors pointed out that no profession is inherently bad, but bad people exist everywhere. 

“Everyone,” stated one.  “You’ll start to realize it’s people.”

Another commented that every profession has its share of thieves, bullies, and nasty people. 

“The beautiful equality-filled truth is that there are a**h** and angels everywhere. We’re all terrible,” stated a third. 

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What Professions Have Awful People?

Do you agree with Redditors that the professions listed above tend to attract the worst people? What careers would you add or subtract from the list?