“$862 in Taxes for What??” Workers Bemoan High Taxes for Precious Little in Return

Everyone hates taxes. Watching a quarter of your earnings fly out the window before it even hits your bank account hurts, especially for those barely scraping by. 

Most people understand the necessity behind taxes, but many are baffled at how much they pay for how little in return.

$862 in Taxes

One worker came to Reddit venting about their high tax rate. They don’t disclose their salary or withholdings, but they said $862 was deducted from their last paycheck for taxes and mentioned a 30% tax rate. 

$862 is more than a car payment, half the average rent, and could buy most people food for the month. 

Money Not the Problem

The poster stressed that the money isn’t the problem. They have no problem paying taxes to serve the populace and the greater good. However, they don’t see their tax dollars impacting their communities. 

“No healthcare, no college tuition, no childcare,” they lamented, wondering why they pay so much in taxes for so little in return. 

Other Countries Get Services for Their Taxes

People from all over the world shared the difference between their country and the US. 

A Nordic poster said they have a similar tax rate yet enjoy universal health care, paid parental leave, cheap daycare, and free advanced education. 

A Canadian also mentioned a better healthcare system, subsidized healthcare, and low-cost university tuition. 

Americans Get…War

Americans get no such luxuries. Instead, all our tax money goes to fund the ever-hungry war machine. America spends more on defense than the ten next biggest spenders combined. 

We fund wars worldwide to protect our interests – but in recent times, “our” no longer means American citizens but corporate interests. 

And Corporate Welfare

The real winners in the American tax game are the giant corporations, many of whom pay nothing in taxes. Others use taxpayer-funded programs like food assistance to subsidize employee pay. Their wages are so horrifically low that their employees rely on government assistance to survive. 

Corporations also lobby the government to prevent any law or action that would benefit the American people to their detriment. Look at Intuit, the company that successfully lobbied to prevent the IRS from rolling out free tax preparation software because it would cut their profits. Americans, forced to calculate their taxes, MUST pay someone to navigate the complex tax code and file for them. 

Or consider the insurance companies, who hold America hostage over healthcare. A universal care system would put these predatory corporations out of business. They’re an expensive middleman that adds nothing to healthcare except a layer of bureaucracy and confusion, yet the government constantly bends to their cash (I mean will!).

Taxes Are Great When Used Correctly

We understand the conservative desire to lower taxes. People pay boatloads of money for nothing. The hefty taxes funding overseas ventures and giant corporations give people a negative impression of taxes. 

But taxes aren’t inherently wrong. When used for the common good, taxes are wonderful. They build roads and fund schools so an educated populace can travel. They ensure the sick receive care and prevent the elderly and disabled from perishing in poverty. 

Taxes can help everyone if used correctly. Unfortunately, corporations bought our politicians long ago, so they get far more than their fair share of our precious tax dollars. 

Source: Reddit