The Things That Drive Us Crazy: Life’s Top 10 Most Annoying Problems

As much as we wish life could be rainbows and butterflies all the time, we all know the truth. Some things in life are downright annoying. 

One Reddit user took to the popular R/askreddit community to find out what annoys folks most about everyday life. 

Can you relate to the top responses?

Train Etiquette

Public transportation has a certain etiquette you’re supposed to follow, and one user called out people’s refusal to follow it as one of life’s biggest frustrations. 

“People who get on the train before allowing people off” annoy the user to no end. 

Others agreed and said it applies to anything you must wait to use, such as elevators and doorways. 

Bright Headlights

Some folks can’t even drive at night anymore because of the influx of ultra-bright headlights. 

“This one is awful, and I’ve really only noticed it in the last 4-5 years,” shared one user.  “I drive a sedan. These trucks and SUVs that are elevated with their 8 million lumen bulbs is like staring into the damn sun sometimes.”

Car manufacturers got so caught up in helping drivers see at night that they forget that most drivers share the road, and ultra-bright lights will ultimately make busy streets unsafe. 

Lazy Litterers

Pollution, in general, is awful and annoying, but it’s especially irritating to find trash sitting two feet from a perfectly good trashcan. If you’re so close anyway, why not just throw it away?

A former custodian shared a tale about catching a colleague too lazy to throw out their trash. 

“I saw an employee throw their banana at the trash can, miss, then start to walk away. As I was walking past him, I started a little small talk so he would focus on me. I then walked over to the banana, picked it up in front of him, and threw it into the trash can. Then I stared for 5 seconds, then continued the small talk as though nothing happened,” they said, adding, “I really can’t stand that type of person, and it was deliciously awkward for the guy.”

Fake Close-Out “X” on Pop-Up Ads

All pop-up ads are terrible, but the worst ones have a fake “x,” which takes you to the spammy website instead of closing out the ad. 

“Fake “X” on ads,” responded one user plainly. 

“This and when the X is so small you’d need a toothpick to press it,” replied another. 

Speaker Phone

With all the options for headphones, it’s incredibly irritating when people make everyone else listen to their phone conversations or TikTok. 

One user said, “Speakerphone conversations/ TikTok videos on public transport” is incredibly annoying, and another added that it’s also irritating in restaurants and other public places. 

Keep the volume down, or wear headphones so no one else has to hear it. 

Bad Drivers

People often don’t consider their vehicles are massive killing machines. They act like they own the road and nothing bad will happen. 

Reddit users expressed frustration at the horrible and unsafe driving practices their fellow humans regularly exhibit. 

One user said, “Drivers who pull out in front of you on the road when they clearly didn’t have enough time” are annoying, while another added that it’s worse when they do this, then go slower than you were initially going. 

These folks are going to cause an accident. 


As we nervously shift our eyes, we must admit that many people hate clickbait. 

“I’m so {explitive} tired of seeing articles and videos with ridiculous titles & thumbnails. I don’t need to have my {explitive} mind blown to be convinced to watch a video about dovetail joints, okay? Just get to the {expletive} point. This obviously goes double for videos that are meant to be educational in some way,” ranted one user. 

Unfortunately, clickbait works. But it’s even more annoying when the headline is misleading and the article doesn’t promise what’s delivered. 

“The new “clickbait” thumbnails on YouTube that I’ve become absolutely enraged by are just flat-out lies as titles,” shared one user. 

We admit that our titles get clickbaity, but we do our best to deliver on the headline’s promises. 

Stopping in Movement Corridors

We’ve all seen people suddenly stop and look around after getting off an escalator or entering a doorway. These folks are seemingly oblivious to everyone else who needs to get around them. 

“My mother does this whenever we walk into a restaurant. She gets through the threshold, forgets that there’s 5 people walking in behind her, and just stops dead,” commented one user. 

“People love doing when getting off a plane. They get off, then stop to look around and/or call someone!” exclaimed another. 

Pro tip: when everyone is moving, keep moving. Step to the side or find a less busy place to gather yourself and decide where you need to go. 

Too Many Videos

We get that most people are visual and prefer watching a video to reading, but some folks would rather read information. These folks are getting left out as content shifts to video. 

One user expressed annoyance “that nearly all help on the internet these days for the topics I’m interested in are in the form of videos instead of a simple faq. We’ll use a video game example. If I’m having trouble figuring out how to do something and google it, I don’t get anything written down for how to solve it, I get 13-minute long videos.”

“I feel this one in the core of my crotchety old man gamer soul,” responded another user. 

“I get this ALL the time. I want to learn to do something in InDesign or Illustrator. Just tell me which tabs in the menu I need to go to, one step a time. I don’t want to watch a video about it,” added a third. 

People Not Reading the Article

Often, headlines are meant to be mysterious. The whole point is to entice people to read the article. 

One user said, “People reading a headline, making baseless assumptions about what they think the article is about, and then getting angry about those assumptions as if they are facts” are super annoying.

Whether many news outlets take that too far is up for debate. One user said they’re more frustrated at the misleading title than at people who didn’t read the article. 

What Annoys You Most?

Can you relate to some of the frustrations Reddit Users shared? What realities of life annoy you the most?