Secret Energy Thieves: Are You Letting These Small Things Sap Your Precious Energy?

Are you tired all the time? You may wonder why you’re so exhausted despite a full night’s sleep. 

Be careful of these secret culprits that might be draining your energy!

Background Noise

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If you often have music in the background, your brain will constantly try to focus on the sound. Concentrating on two things at once takes more effort, so enjoying that comforting background music might be secretly zapping your energy. 

Your Phone

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That constant doom-scrolling is exhausting. You’re spending a ton of attention and brain power on things that don’t matter to your daily life. Stop giving it so much attention. 


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Check your water intake if you’re constantly tired. You may not drink enough throughout the day, which can cause those drowsy afternoons. 

A Bad Night’s Sleep

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You may think you’re getting enough sleep, but if your sleep is constantly interrupted or uncomfortable, it may not be as refreshing as it seems. 

Invest in a good pillow and quality mattress, and do your best to mitigate any potential distractions before bed. 

Iron Deficiency

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Sometimes we’re tired because we don’t have enough iron in our blood. Iron helps our bodies produce hemoglobin and carry oxygen to our brains. If we don’t get enough, our brains won’t function correctly. As a result, we’ll feel tired all the time. 


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We need food to survive, but we often snack when we’re bored. This constant snacking on salty foods sends our blood to our stomachs rather than our brains. 

You’ll feel more energized when you stop overeating. 

Energy Vampires

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Some folks suck the energy from a room. You don’t even realize how much you gave them until you come home, completely worn down. 

Avoid people who only drain you. 


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People think decisiveness is a good thing, and it is, but no one ever considers the flip side. Making decisions all day is so exhausting that there’s even a catchphrase: decision fatigue. 

Decision fatigue happens when you’re brain gets so burned out from making complex decisions that even simple decisions, like what to have for dinner, seem overwhelming. 


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Companies love employees who can multitask, but multitasking is incredibly draining. Forcing your brain to switch back and forth between tasks all day is far more exhausting than completing one task and then moving on to the next. 


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Your mind reflects your surroundings. If your home is filled with clutter, your brain will be too. Clean your workspace and free your mind to focus on essential tasks. 

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