Dear Men: Here are 15 Things the Women in Your Life Wish You’d Understand

They say men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Many women think that’s true because no matter how much they try to explain something to the men in their lives, they just don’t get it. 

Here are 15 things the women in your life wish you would understand. 

Actions Matter More than Intentions

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It doesn’t matter that you didn’t mean to hurt our feelings or to forget a special occasion. What matters is what you did, and an apology would go a long way. 

If You Wanted To, You Would

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Please stop telling us how much you wanted to get us something special for our birthdays, take us out on a great date, or spend quality time with us. Please stop expecting brownie points for thinking about doing something. 

You Never Believe Us

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We wish you’d realize how often you question what we say or dismiss our experience. It doesn’t matter what we’re saying; you always reflexively respond with, “That’s not right.” Please think briefly before automatically assuming we’re wrong, especially when you know nothing about the topic.

But Immediately Agree with Another Man

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It’s even more frustrating when you question every little thing that comes out of our mouths, but as soon as another man says the same thing, you take his word as gold. 

He’s Creepy

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Of course you’ve never noticed that guy being a creep; he doesn’t creep on men! Stop telling us we’re misunderstanding when someone nice to you is weird with us. 

You Don’t See the Misogyny

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Some men are oblivious to misogyny happening right around them. We wish you’d say something when men ignore and belittle us right in front of you and assume we’re somehow less important than you. 

You’re Scary

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Women are acutely aware of how much bigger and stronger you are than them. Please don’t make us feel trapped by blocking doors or exits. 

We’re More than Our Appearance

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Many men don’t seem to see women as anything more than physical objects. Women constantly hear about their looks, whether they’re “hot” or too skinny, too fat, or otherwise deemed “unattractive.” We have value outside of our appearance. 

Our Appearance Isn’t for You

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The flip side of that is many men think women exist to be physically appealing to them. We don’t care that men don’t find our nails, hair, or style attractive. 

Defending Men

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We don’t understand why you fall over yourself to defend the reputation of a horrible man you’ve never even met. You don’t need to justify the behavior of abusers and criminals. It makes us think twice about you when you do. 

Periods Hurt

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Can you please try to have just a little empathy about the physical pain and discomfort we feel on a monthly basis?

Stop Questioning Our Boundaries

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Whether in a long-term relationship or meeting you for the first time, you don’t get to dictate our boundaries, so please stop trying. If we’re uncomfortable with something, stop trying to force it. 

Men Constantly Steal Our Ideas

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We’d love for men who work with women to start listening to women. Having an idea, getting shot down, and then watching everyone celebrate two minutes later when a man says the same thing is an experience every woman has had. 

Nothing is Designed for Us

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The world was designed for men, and women make great efforts to make it work. Everything from seat belts to work clothes to office temperatures are set with men in mind. So, when discussing how something isn’t working for us, please stop dismissing us. 

Please Stop Touching Us

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Men constantly fabricate excuses to touch random women in public. We don’t want you touching the small of our back to move us out of the way or grabbing us on public transportation. 

All the Work We Do

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Women in relationships do the bulk of the domestic, emotional, and mental labor. We hope you’ll notice that something needs to be done and take the initiative to do it. At the very least, we wish you’d appreciate all our hard work. 

Source: Reddit