Divorcees Share the Moment They Knew the Marriage Was Over

No one gets married thinking it will end, but many marriages end in divorce. People shared the moment when they realized their marriage was over. 

Horrifying Texts

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One woman said her marriage ended when she discovered texts between her husband and his affair partner. However, they weren’t run-of-the-mill “can’t wait to see you” cheating texts. They were “jokes” about spending her life insurance money. 

No Desire To Save It

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It’s truly painful when one person wants to save a marriage, and the other doesn’t. One user said she realized the stark dichotomy at their first marriage counseling session. The therapist asked them how much they wanted to save the marriage on a scale of 1 to 10. She said ten; he said zero. 

No Escape

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Some folks feel so trapped in toxic marriages that they can’t see any way out. When you’re considering permanent solutions to end your awful marriage, you know it’s time for divorce. 

A New Car

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Often, it’s an action rather than a fight or argument that puts the final stake in a marriage’s coffin. One woman shared that she knew it was over when her husband bought a new car two days after a conversation where they decided they couldn’t afford it. 

Alone With You

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Feeling alone when you’re with someone is far worse than feeling lonely on your own. One woman knew her marriage was over when she completely forgot her husband was with her due to his continual lack of engagement. 

In Sickness and in Health Are Just Words

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Most marriage vows include the words “in sickness and in health,” but far too many people ignore it. One man said his wife left him after a three-month struggle with a severe illness, while a woman shared that her husband was more concerned about his dinner getting cooked than her cancer treatments. 

All in the Family

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Affairs often end marriages, but it’s even worse when the affair partner is someone you know and trust. One man left after discovering his wife’s infidelity with his brother. 

When You Realize What You’re Teaching Your Kids

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One woman dealt with emotional abuse from her husband for years. He’d scream at her for no reason, and she just accepted it until one day, she saw her 11-year-old daughter sitting at the top of the stars, watching. 

She realized she was modeling a toxic relationship and didn’t want her daughter to think this was normal, so she left. 

Childhood Trauma

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Some of us learn these toxic behaviors from our kids and recreate them in our relationships. It takes a lot of self-reflection, introspection, and sometimes therapy to identify the patterns and choose better. 

We Don’t Even Like Each Other

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Far too many people partner up because society pressures them into marriage. So they pick the person they’re with because they’re nice enough, but there’s no real love. 

It took a friend’s wedding for one woman to realize she didn’t like her husband. They didn’t fight or anything; they were just different people and didn’t enjoy each other’s company. She asked for a divorce, and he agreed. 

I’m Just The Maid

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One woman shared a situation far too common in today’s marriages: she felt like a maid. She joined the hordes of women walking away from their husbands for that very reason. He didn’t attempt to fix it until it was too late. 

Refusing To Help Themself

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 Good partners must stand by each other in sickness and health, but both must work to get healthy. One woman said it was over after her diabetic husband had one too many health emergencies because he refused to manage his disease. 

I couldn’t spend one more day saving someone who wouldn’t save themselves,” she shared. 

Realizing You’re the Punching Bag

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One woman shared a heartbreaking tale where, after ten years in an abusive relationship, it finally dawned on her that she was nothing but a punching bag. 

The realization hit when he screamed at her for not using the “right tone” when speaking to him, but after she saw it, she couldn’t unsee it and reflected on the years of fights, screaming, and power trips she endured trying to make him happy. 

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