He Calls his Wife Stupid and Insecure, Yet Can’t Fathom Why She’s Upset

Do men even like their wives? A random scroll through many internet communities will make you wonder. 

One man claiming to love his wife came to Reddit, baffled that she got upset over his insults. 

Wife Not Smart

The Original Poster (OP) began by explaining that his wife isn’t smart. As his story unfolded, readers understood the main point: his wife is stupid, uneducated, not the brightest bulb, and definitely less intelligent than anyone he knows. 

Did he mention that his wife isn’t that smart?

She’s a Good Person

A discerning eye can see the truth through all the nonsense about how “stupid” OP’s wife is. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and has a huge heart, but she suffers from deep-seated insecurity. 

It’s not hard to guess where that insecurity came from after reading the husband’s essay about her lack of intelligence. 

His Friend Visits

Readers had to sift through a ton of junk about OP’s wife’s lack of intelligence to get to the root of the problem. 

OP’s well-educated professor friend, Stan, came for a visit, and his wife’s curiosity apparently offended OP. 

OP shared that his wife asked too many questions, making it feel like an interview. OP didn’t say that Stan was upset over the attention, but OP clearly was. 

OP Tells Wife To Back Off

He took his wife aside, informing her that Stan *might* be uncomfortable with all the questioning. In a telling statement, the wife apologized and said she’ll “only speak when spoken to.”

Out To Dinner

OP and Stan decided to take their wives on a joint dinner date. Stan’s wife, a professor of linguistics, complimented OP’s wife on her multilingualism, a compliment which the wife gushed about for the next few hours. 

OP Tells Wife To Shut It

After dinner, OP’s wife couldn’t stop gushing about the compliment, but OP couldn’t stand it. He finally had enough and told her to stop talking about his friends. 

She “kept rambling,” according to him, saying how great and amazing it felt to be told she spoke like a native. 

He Calls Her Stupid and Insecure

Unable to bear a second more of his wife’s happiness, OP lashed out, though he doesn’t see it that way. 

I made a harmless joke about why she’s so surprised about someone complimenting her intelligence, is because she’s not that intelligent,” he said. 

Wife Justifiably Upset

He thought his wife would laugh at the insult and was shocked when she got upset instead. He tried to explain the joke, further clarifying that he thinks she’s dumb and insecure, but that didn’t comfort her for some reason. 

What Should He Do?

OP came to Reddit at a loss now that his wife won’t talk to him. How can he get her to see that she’s just really dumb, and he’s merrily pointing it out?

Do You Even Like Your Wife?

Reddit lambasted OP for his awful description of his wife in the post. 

“You clearly don’t think much of your wife- why did you marry her?” asked one user. 

“C’mon man, how about treating your wife like you actually like and respect her,” said another. 

You’re the Problem, Not Your Wife

Many users saw right through OP, calling him a pompous, controlling jerk. His wife’s insecurity likely stems directly from him, as he constantly belittles and puts her down. 

“You enjoy insulting your wife. You’re controlling. You told her not to talk to your friend. You seem insecure & a rather poor husband,” said one user. 

Is OP Abusive?

Some users also got stuck on the wife’s comment about only speaking when spoken to. 

“When she said she wouldn’t speak unless spoke to, your response should have been HORROR because that is absolutely absurd to even suggest,” remarked one user. 

Another condensed his story into the main points, highlighting how awful he is. 

“Don’t talk to my friends, don’t talk about my friends, don’t get excited when my friends compliment you, and by the way, I genuinely think you’re stupid.” they summarized, adding that OP sounds “absolutely miserable.”

OP Apologizes

OP took Reddit’s comments to heart and apologized, but he didn’t say whether he’d fix the underlying problems in their relationship. We hope for her sake that he realizes how poorly he’s treated her in general and steps up to become the husband she deserves. 


Source: Reddit