Man Screams at His Girlfriend and Can’t Understand Why She Ghosted Him

We don’t always like our significant other’s friends, but sometimes we must put up with them for our loved one’s sake.

One man couldn’t figure that out.

This Guy Has The Sweetest Girlfriend

The Original Poster (OP) describes his girlfriend’s desire to see him as much as possible. From a glance, their relationship sounds sweet as sugar, which makes the rest of his story challenging to digest.

“Whenever we see each other, we cuddle and give long hugs because since I am working, when I come to her house, I will have her come to the parking lot, talk and then hug her hard before I go,” describes OP, giving the impression that their relationship is nothing but sunshine and rainbows.

He Refuses To See Her Friends

When she invites him to the mall, OP accepts her invitation on the unspoken condition that they will be shopping alone. However, when OP realizes his girlfriend invited her friends to tag along, his creepy, possessive personality slowly reveals itself.

“I felt like I was third wheeling,” OP whines to gain sympathy, “I felt really disrespected.”

Don’t Worry, He’ll Just Wait Outside

Such a considerate person, OP opts to wait for his girlfriend outside, ”Trying not to ruin her day.”

OP asked her not to take longer than 30 minutes, but when 45 minutes pass, he calls her a whopping 37 TIMES. 

Things escalate quickly.

“No answer, so now I’m infuriated. She comes out of the mall, I’m sweating bc it’s 103 degrees and I pulled to the front of the mall, screamed for her to get the f– in the car and I flipped off her friends as I sped off.”

Is He in the Wrong?

Now OP’s girlfriend won’t answer any of his texts, and, aww, he feels bad about it. However, he reiterates that he was very angry in the moment.

Was OP’s angry response reasonable and valid?

103° Fahrenheit of Unnecessary Suffering

OP complained that he had to wait outside for his girlfriend in 103° F for 45 minutes, but he was literally steps from an air-conditioned mall. 

A user gives a cute remark which perfectly illustrates our unified confusion: “Waiting in the car at 103 degrees? You’re not a chihuahua, my dude; go and get a Cinnabon or something.”

37 Calls is a Little Excessive

One user points out, “He waited until exactly the 30 minutes he ‘gave’ her were up and then just started spamming calls. Unhinged behavior.”

Those 37 phone calls made within 15 minutes add a disturbing flavor to OP’s story. Users begin to speculate about what else OP is capable of.

Run, Girl, Run!

Users urge the girlfriend to escape OP as quickly as possible. Throughout his story, OP’s behavior shifts from a doting boyfriend to a manipulative control freak.

One user remarks, “Once they claimed they were disrespected, I just knew they’d be an abusive lunatic. It’s an instant red flag at this point. She needs to run.”

Let’s hope she never texts OP back.

Source: Reddit