Man Wonders if He Was Wrong for Wanting To Relax Before Making Dinner

After a grueling day at work, we sometimes must come home and turn our brains. We need a break before diving into the evening chores, like getting dinner ready. 

One man came to Reddit to find out if he was in the wrong for doing just that, but the story is more complicated than it seems. 

Girlfriend is Very Sick

The Original Poster (OP) described his girlfriend’s week-long battle with the stomach flu. 

“My gf got sick a week ago with a nasty stomach bug and spent the first 5 days of the week vomiting and having diarrhea,” he shared. He said she was on the upswing but admitted she was still vomiting regularly. 

She Asks for Dinner When He Gets Home

When OP got home from an exhausting nine-hour day, he checked on his partner. 

“She was in bed, with a bucket next to the bed. She said she had vomited 3 times already and is thirsty and hungry,” he shared, adding, “I offered to bring her some water, but that she will have to wait for food because I wanted to relax first.”

He Won’t Make Dinner

Despite her protests, OP insisted on relaxing before making his sick girlfriend something to eat. 

“She got b*tchy and said she is hungry and needs something to eat, that her body feels weak. I told her that I would make her food, but she just has to wait a little,” he explained. 

Then, he went to go play video games. 

Two Hours Later

A clueless OP refuses to take responsibility for waiting two hours to even check on his girlfriend again. 

“I went to play games, and before I realized it, 2 hours have passed,” he said, someone confused about how time passes. 

At that point, he decided he might as well make dinner. 

Op Shocked that Girlfriend Fed Herself and Not Him

Upon finally making his way to the kitchen, OP made a shocking discovery: take out boxes!

“I went to go start dinner but saw takeout containers and saw she was fast asleep again,” he said. 

Oblivious to the fact that he messed up, OP decided to wake up his sick girlfriend to see if she was kind enough to order him takeout, too, even though he had neglected her needs for the past few hours. 

“I woke her up and asked if she ordered food for me too,” he said, shocked when she cussed him out and went back to sleep. 

Was OP Wrong?

OP came to Reddit, unable to see how he was possibly wrong in this situation. 

“I was going to make her food, I don’t understand what the big deal is,” he said. 

OP Needs to Grow Up

Reddit was not impressed with OP’s behavior. The best comments said he needs to grow up, and the worst laid into him about his selfish behavior. 

“I’m sorry you had a hard day, but that’s life,” explained one polite user. “ Your partner was sick, and you prioritized your need for relaxation over her need for sustenance after vomiting multiple times. It would have been just as easy to tend to her first and then relax because it is not a daily circumstance, she is temporarily ill. You screwed up, my man,” they added. 

“Can you imagine being so self-centered that 2 hours of video games comes before taking care of sick GF?” asked another. 

Asking About the Food Makes OP Even Worse

Many users agreed that OP entered another realm of selfishness when he woke his girlfriend to ask about takeout. 

“It’s so much worse because he WOKE HER UP to ask about the food,” exclaimed one user, not giving OP a pass for his previous behavior. “It’s bad enough he didn’t either cook or order in himself, but after she fed herself and finally got to sleep, he disturbed that sleep for purely selfish reasons.”

“This is what I came here to say,” replied another.  “Every single step of what happened was a YTA move, but the sheer gall to wake her up to ask if she did something for him was just insane.”

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with Reddit that the selfish OP needs to grow up and learn how to behave in an adult relationship? Or do you give him a pass because he had a tough day at work?

What would you do if you were the girlfriend in this situation?